Ben Cheney Award for Most Outstanding Male Athlete

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Lumber company owner Ben Cheney was an outstanding citizen and a great athletic booster not only for the University of Puget Sound, but the entire City of Tacoma. His civic-minded attitude and generosity is remembered with this award.


Ben Cheney Award Recipients

1977-78 Tim Evans Basketball
1978-79 Joe Leonard Basketball
1979-80 Bob Jackson Football/Swimming
1980-81 Joe Leonard Basketball

Bob Jackson Football/Swimming
1981-82 Bob Jackson Football/Swimming
1982-83 Larry Smith Football
1983-84 Mike Bos Football
1984-85 Paul Akers Football

Damon Beninger Swimming
1985-86 Jim Cairns Cross Country/Track & Field
1986-87 David Haynes Swimming
1987-88 Mike Oliphant Football
1988-89 Maurice Selvin Basketball
1989-90 Bob Kabacy Swimming
1990-91 Brian Brendel Track & Field
1991-92 Eric Illston Crew
1992-93 Gary McCurty Football
1993-94 Roger Woods Swimming
1994-95 Matt Droege Basketball

Greg Kabacy Swimming
1995-96 Chris Schlecht Football/Baseball
1996-97 Marc Kincaid Swimming
1997-98 Bryan Vukelich Basketball
1998-99 Dave Davis Cross Country/Track & Field

Lance Craig Swimming
1999-00 Dave Davis Cross Country/Track & Field
2000-01 Tye Tolentino Soccer
2001-02 Ryan Wittstruck Soccer
2002-03 Chris Raymond Soccer
2003-04 Dan McLean Cross Country/Track & Field

Matt Glynn Basketball
2004-05 Frank Prince Cross Country/Track & Field

Chase Curtiss Basketball
2005-06 Chase Curtiss Basketball
2006-07 Rory Lee Football
2007-08 Jason Foster Basketball
2008-09 Jason Foster Basketball
2009-10 Mark Rockey Baseball
2010-11 Duncan White Football
2011-12 Kaleb Shelton-Johnson Basketball
2012-13 Adam Kniffin Football
2013-14 Derek Frenzel Swimming
2014-15 Connor Savage Football/Baseball
2015-16 Tyler Shipley Cross Country / Track & Field
2016-17 Hans Fortune Football



Hans Fortune and President Isiaah Crawford