Dill Howell Award for Most Improved Athlete

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The Dill Howell Award was simply given by, and named for, UPS booster, Dill Howell. Howell, a former president of the Tacoma Athletic Commission and owner of an athletic supply business, was a big supporter of Logger sports.


Male Dill Howell Award Recipients

1977-78 Joe Leonard Basketball
1978-79 Steve Levenseller Football
1979-80 Todd Burton Basketball
1980-81 Brian Threlkeld Football
1981-82 Mark Leland Football
1982-83 Robb Powers Swimming
1983-84 Ray Phinney Track
1984-85 Brad Gobel Football
1985-86 Dave Haas Tennis
1986-87 Brian Brendel Track
1987-88 Reid Nelson Basketball
1988-89 Bob Kabacy Swimming
1989-90 David Ursino Football
1990-9 Mike Morse CC/Track
1991-92 LaMoin Garrard Football/Track
1992-93 Greg Kabacy Swimming
1993-94 Roger Bialous CC/Track
1994-95 Bryan Vukelich Basketball
1995-96 Ahman Dirks CC/Track
1996-97 Ahman Dirks CC/Track
1997-98 Matt Huff Soccer
1998-99 Jeff Halstead Baseball/Football
1999-00 Kyle Sexton Swimming
2000-01 Matt Scarlett Basketball
2001-02 Matt Sorenson Baseball
2002-03 Mike Von Rueden Football
2003-04 Tyler Niemack Soccer
2004-05 Zack McVey Basketball

Andrew Sloan Baseball
2005-06 Greg Gause Track and Field
2006-07 Joe Newland Baseball
2007-08 Antwan Williams Basketball
2008-09 Francis Reynolds Cross Country/Track
2009-10 Damarkus Milner Football
2010-11 Ryan Rogers Basketball
2011-12 Joe Cerne Track & Field
2012-13 Matt Klein Cross Country/Track & Field
2013-14 Vince McCluskey Soccer
2014-15 Nick Holden Basketball
2015-16 Kohl Meyer  Basketball 
2016-17 Dylan Cunningham Football

Female Dill Howell Award Recipients

1985-86 Cathy Flick Volleyball
1986-87 Deby Triggs Basketball
1987-88 Haleigh Kurtz Swimming
1988-89 Ronda Blair Swimming
1989-90 Ann Grande CC/Track
1990-91 Nancy Volkel Volleyball
1991-92 Allyson Jones Crew
1992-93 Wendy Davis Basketball
1993-94 Kelly Kaiser Basketball
1994-95 Margaret Sanders Softball
1995-96 Kristina Goos Basketball
1996-97 Andrea Boitano CC/Track
1997-98 Sara Campbell CC/Track
1998-99 Kim Redding Softball
1999-00 Laura Grinstead Soccer
2000-01 Tina Garrett Basketball
2001-02 Mari Gantner Swimming

Courtney Leybold Basketball
2002-03 Allison McCurdy Basketball

Bridget Stolee Soccer
2003-04 Angie Straw Basketball
2004-05 Jena Robinson Track and Field
2005-06 Sarah Carnahan Basketball
2006-07 Monica Groves Volleyball
2007-08 Brittany Hodgson Cross Country/Track
2008-09 Claire Ely Basketball
2009-10 Elizabeth "Mac" MacAfee Swimming
2010-11 Ana Calciano Lacrosse
2011-12 Andrea Leiken Track & Field
2012-13 Jessica Jaynes Swimming
2013-14 Melissa Norrish Swimming
2014-15 Chelsea Cloud Crew
  Hailey Palmore Lacrosse
2015-16 Alexis Noren Basketball 
2016-17 Haley Gray Softball



Haley Gray and Dylan Cunningham with Barb Walker.