Mission Statement

The University of Puget Sound Department of Physical Education, Athletics, and Recreation is dedicated to providing quality programs and athletic experiences which assist in complementing and fulfilling the University's educational objectives of academic excellence.

Committed to the liberal arts philosophy, the department strives to educate and promote personal growth and physical well-being through its intercollegiate, Physical Education, and recreation sports programs.  The department subscribes to high standards of ethical conduct and fair play to achieve athletic prominence and to safeguard the health and welfare of its students.

The department encourages an atmosphere of respect for self and others by fostering sportsmanship, leadership, and citizenship.  The department appreciates its responsibility to provide knowledgeable coaches and instructors who can serve as mentors to enhance the learning environment and prepare students for the challenges ahead.  We further acknowledge the competitive aspirations of the participants and seek to provide the support necessary to be successful.

The department supports the University's objective of creating a community enriched by men and women of diverse backgrounds.  It does so by offering opportunities for participation and providing support for students without regard to gender, race, national and/or ethnic origin, religion, sexual orientation, or disability.

The department is mindful of its role to provide occasions where students, staff, faculty, alumni, and the community can come together to express their loyalty to and spirit for the University of Puget Sound.

Hans Fortune

Sophomore quarterback Hans Fortune led the Logger football team to an incredible comeback at Occidental on Saturday, Sept. 13. Puget Sound trailed by 21 points with three minutes left in regulation, but Fortune converted on three of his five touchdowns in the final minutes of the game. Occidental held on to win, 34-32. Fortune finished 34-60 with 533 yards, five touchdowns, and just one interception.