NCAA Division III Week Featured Student-Athlete: Abby Goss

NCAA Division III Week Featured Student-Athlete: Abby Goss

The NCAA has initiated the first annual NCAA Division III Week to be celebrated all this week. Logger Athletics is joining in the celebration this week and beyond to acknowledge the successes of Logger student-athletes.

All this week, will feature selected student-athletes. A feature will be posted daily that is written by the featured by the student-athlete. The features will provide a look into the lives of some of our most successful student-athletes.

Success is not contained within the lines of athletic competition as many Logger student-athletes have displayed great success in their respective academic arenas.

Today, we meet senior Abby Goss, who just finished her senior season with the women's soccer team. One of the most successful teams on campus, the women's soccer team won the NWC title in each of Goss's four years and have won the last 10 NWC championships overall. A key component to the team in her four years, Goss is a three-time All-NWC selection and also earned Academic All-District honors last fall.

Abby Goss On Her DIII Experience

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Throughout my four years as a Division III student-athlete, I’ve learned to appreciate the value of competitive sport.  Within Division III athletics, all student-athletes are competing out of no obligation except for love of the game.  That means no athletic scholarships and no free shoes, only meaningful relationships and the challenge of balancing a rigorous athletic and academic schedule.  What brought my teammates and I to the field everyday was the love of competing and the rush we felt from representing our school at a local and national level.

When season ended each year our coaches only had a few opportunities to hold organized practices. The majority of training during the off-season was the responsibility of the individual.  This created the opportunity not only for me to remain self-disciplined in my training, but also to explore everything else that college had to offer.  Thus, the intense soccer-heavy fall season was always a contrast to the kick around, non-structured spring, yet both are experiences that I wouldn’t exchange for anything.

As a high school student the only two things I knew I wanted out of my college education were to play competitive soccer and receive a highly accredited degree.  I knew I could obtain both at Puget Sound. When I committed to coming here four years ago I didn’t realize that I would also graduate on time with a science degree, spend a summer in Ireland, a semester in South America, become a lab assistant, and get involved in other groups and activities across campus. 

The intimacy of the small campus community at Puget Sound has allowed me to foster personal relationships with professors, other athletes, and peers, all aside from winning four conference championships and competing in the NCAA national tournament each year that I’ve been a Logger.  Being a Division III student-athlete has tested my perseverance and self-discipline both in and out of season, but at the same time I have been grateful for the opportunity to explore other interests outside of the soccer field.  Thanks to my four years as a Logger I have cultivated relationships and interests that will carry me to the places I will go post-graduation, and I’m excited for that next adventure to begin.