March 23, 2011

Daffodil Cup Regatta Schedule

Time Event Lane 1 Lane 2 Lane 3 Lane 4  Lane 5 Lane 6 Lane 7
7:45 am Meeting              
9:00 am MV8 L&C WSU UPS PLU WWU WU  
9:15 am WV8 WU UPS L&C WWU SPU PLU Oregon
9:30 am W2V8 L&C (A) WWU (A) UPS L&C (B) WWU (B)    
9:45 am M1N4 PLU L&C WSU (A) WWU UPS WSU (B) SPU
10:00 am W1N4 SPU L&C SU        
10:15 am M1V4 L&C SPU UPS PLU WSU Oregon WU
10:30 am W1V4 SPU UPS (A) L&C PLU WU WSU UPS (B)
10:45 am MN8 PLU WSU (A) UPS WWU WSU (B) WSU (C)  
11:00 am WN8 L&C WWU UPS WSU UPS SU  
11:15 am M2V4 WSU WU PLU L&C SPU WWU  
11:30 am W2V4 WU (A) L&C WWU (A) SPU UPS WWU (B) WU (B)

Marites Exumé

San Diego, Calif.

Marites Exumé feels as though she didn't pick a college, but rather that Puget Sound picked her. "When I visited, I let myself fall in love with the people and the campus, and knew it was where I was going to be. Everywhere else I had felt like an outsider looking in, but at Puget Sound I was immediately embraced by the community. The dynamic between teammates, as well as coach to athletes, makes for a positive experience that helps everyone get to the next level."