March 23, 2011

Daffodil Cup Regatta Schedule

Time Event Lane 1 Lane 2 Lane 3 Lane 4  Lane 5 Lane 6 Lane 7
7:45 am Meeting              
9:00 am MV8 L&C WSU UPS PLU WWU WU  
9:15 am WV8 WU UPS L&C WWU SPU PLU Oregon
9:30 am W2V8 L&C (A) WWU (A) UPS L&C (B) WWU (B)    
9:45 am M1N4 PLU L&C WSU (A) WWU UPS WSU (B) SPU
10:00 am W1N4 SPU L&C SU        
10:15 am M1V4 L&C SPU UPS PLU WSU Oregon WU
10:30 am W1V4 SPU UPS (A) L&C PLU WU WSU UPS (B)
10:45 am MN8 PLU WSU (A) UPS WWU WSU (B) WSU (C)  
11:00 am WN8 L&C WWU UPS WSU UPS SU  
11:15 am M2V4 WSU WU PLU L&C SPU WWU  
11:30 am W2V4 WU (A) L&C WWU (A) SPU UPS WWU (B) WU (B)

Leah Shamlian, Oaktown, Va.

Leah Shamlian came to Puget Sound from Virginia because she wanted a college that let her balance coursework and crew while still being competitive. “At Puget Sound, I have found a combination of academics and athletics that lets me challenge myself in both areas without curtailing my involvement in either. Faculty support has helped me to already exceed my collegiate rowing career expectations, and I look forward to working toward the continued success of Logger Crew.”