Women's crew looks to reclaim NWC title

Women's crew looks to reclaim NWC title

TACOMA, Washington – Puget Sound women's crew aims to reclaim the conference title on Sunday, April 23, when it races in the Northwest Conference Championships on American Lake. Pacific Lutheran is hosting the event.


Champs two years ago

Puget Sound won the inaugural Northwest Conference Championship in 2015, but Pacific Lutheran took the title in 2016.


The competition

The Loggers go up against Lewis & Clark, Pacific, and Pacific Lutheran on Sunday. Only the first varsity-eight and second varsity-eight boats count towards championship points.

W2V8 going strong

The Loggers' second varsity-eight boat has lost only two races this year, and both losses came against higher-level, powerhouse programs: University of Washington and Western Washington.


The lineup


Varsity 8

C Lehman

8 Shelton

7 Krolopp

6 O'Connor

5 Exumé

4 Caruso

3 Herman

2 Johnson

1 Hipp


2nd Varsity 8

C Cryan

8 Schuler

7 Van Ardenne

6 Staver

5 Bessen

4 Wright

3 Nickle

2 Potash

1 Bebout


Novice 4

C Aquiningoc

4 Ratcliff

3 Machabee

2 Mrdjan

1 Schweitz


Varsity 4

C Weirich

4 Cundiff

3 Greer

2 La Fetra

1 Stafford




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