Charlie Brown Regatta up next for women's crew

Charlie Brown Regatta up next for women's crew

TACOMA, Washington – Puget Sound women's crew heads to Portland, Oregon, for the Charlie Brown Regatta hosted by Lewis & Clark on the Willamette River, Saturday, October 21.


The competition

Boats from Lewis & Clark, Pacific, Pacific Lutheran, University of Oregon (club), and Portland State are competing in the Charlie Brown Regatta.


About last week

The Puget Sound women's varsity-eight won its race in the American Lake Fall Classic, with a time of 19:31.5, and the women's varsity-four was victorious by crossing the finish line in 21:34.6. The Logger women beat out boats from Pacific Lutheran and Lewis & Clark. The men's varsity-four earned a victory with a time of 20:09.7, besting two Pacific Lutheran boats a Pioneer boat.


About last year

Logger boats took first place in seven races during the 2016 Charlie Brown Regatta. The day began with the women's varsity eight race, as Puget Sound won to set the tone for the Loggers. The boat finished in 14:24, ahead of two Lewis & Clark boats. The second Logger boat finished fourth. Puget Sound finished first (16:50) and third (17:27) in the women's varsity four, and also took first (17:15) and third (19:56) in the novice eight. Logger boats were second and third in novice four. On the men's side, Puget Sound placed first in the varsity four, in 14:22, while also winning the varsity eight, in 13:59. Men's novice eight (15:30) and novice four (16:35) also took first in their respective races.


Logger lineups


C Kyra Farr

8 Lily O'Connor

7 Emily Bessen

6 Lilly Herman

5 Monica Schweitz

4 Hannah Caruso

3 Jill La Fetra

2 Kayla Hipp

1 Audrey Potash



C Louisa Cryan

8 Katie Snodgrass

7 Eden Krolopp

6 Susanna Schuler

5 Julia Ratcliff

4 Sarah Nickle

3 Katia Mrdjan

2 Marissa Stafford

1 Elena Staver



C Sara Renner

8 Libby Dickerson

7 Lauren Wright

6 Leslie Machabee

5 Hailey Greer

4 Kiira Antenucci

3 Phoebe Winters

2 Jackie Van Ardenne

1 Natalie Van Ardenne



C Sabrina Brown

8 Ben Sovocool

7 Zach Jarvis

6 Branden Anderson

5 Albert Frantz

4 Ben Whitley

3 Christopher Carpenter

2 Chris Garcia

1 Lee Chinn



C Louisa Cryan

4 Lily Herman

3 Emily Bessen

2 Jill La Fetra

1 Audrey Potash



C Kyra Farr

4 Kayla Hipp

3 Lily O'Connor

2 Monica Schweitz

1 Hannah Caruso



C Sara Renner

8 Miranda Langford

7 Alexis Foldvary

6 Lucy Warren

5 Lydia Thompson

4 McKenna Tsosie

3 Altynai Watson

2 Qing Wenes

1 Sophia Pettit-Kenney