Gelacio and Loggers take on Costa Rica's best

Gelacio and Loggers take on Costa Rica's best

The Puget Sound men's basketball team is in Costa Rica, where the Loggers are competing against local teams, hosting youth basketball clinics, and touring the country. Incoming sophomore Zach Gelacio writes about the early parts of the Loggers' adventure. 

Through these past few days, we've transitioned away from our basketball-intense business trip and we are now able to relax a bit and enjoy everything that Costa Rica has to offer. We were blessed enough to be able to play against some of the country's top competition in our last two games, with both teams consisting of professionals from Costa Rica's top division and national team players that represent the country in global competitions.

In our second game, we took a loss against the best team we've played on the trip. The squad was all top division professionals and we competed with them the entire game. We were able to go up by 12 points in the third quarter, but couldn't sustain the momentum through the rest of the game. The next night we were able to bounce back to win our third game against a team that was made up of both Costa Rican national team players and professionals. It was one of the most fun games, as everyone played well and we were able to win the game by more than 20 points against a good team. It was the end of the 'basketball' part of the trip, and it was great to be able to finish our games on a high note. 

Since then, we've been able to have exciting, adrenaline-filled experiences such as white-water rafting through miles of a Costa Rican river surrounded by beautiful nature and wildlife, and zip-lining through the extremely high valleys and forests of the Volcán Arenal (Arenal Volcano) in La Fortuna.  

One of my favorite parts of the trip so far has been the food, and even though it's been some of the same stuff at almost every meal, I am definitely not complaining. Our team has been running on endless amounts of Casado, which is a plate usually consisting of rice, beans, plantains, salad, a tortilla, and a meat of your choice. 

Although the bus rides from each of our destinations take a few hours, looking out the window and seeing the green scenery of mountains, forests, and valleys somewhat makes up for it.  We've now made our way to Punta Leona on the Pacific Coast of the country, which means that we get to spend a couple days relaxing on the beach and enjoying ourselves. We are definitely looking forward to the remainder of the trip, and are hoping to head into the school year on a good note.