Lange enjoying Italian ball, food, and dogs

Lange enjoying Italian ball, food, and dogs

Four women's basketball student-athletes and head coach Casey Kushiyama are in Italy for a cultural and educational tour. The Loggers are also split between two U.S. squads that will play against local club teams. Jamie Lange writes about her experience in Italy.


Bonjourno !

Good news: I saw a puppy named Mía today.

The best word I can use to describe this experience is "wow." Every single view, meal, and interaction has been absolutely incredible. I feel so lucky to be able to see these monuments with my own eyes and put my feet where many important people have come before me and put theirs. Every cobblestone we walk seems to have some kind of story.

We ended in Rome with the Vatican and the Trevi fountain where we all made our wishes (I won't tell you what it is but it has to do with seeing more dogs), and then we hopped on a bus and headed to Tuscany. While staying in Tuscany, we traveled to Florence for a day. We saw the replica of the statue of David and all of the beautiful flowers and sights this beautiful city had to offer.

My team, the Phoenicians, had our second game against the Moncantini Terme club team. Along with the different culture here, apparently the rules for pummeling… er… I mean fouling, are a tad different as well. Although the fouling gets a bit out of control, I love the physicality and the flow the game gains when you can play through fouls and not have to stop every second for a foul call.

We won by 15, and of course we had a four course meal with some type of pasta and sparkling water. This trip really does seem like a dream and I am very thankful for this opportunity.

Also, some sick fun facts from our tours from all over:
- The reason it's called Margherita pizza is because Chef Esposito wanted to name a pizza after Margherita, Wueen of Italy, and wanted to make it the colors of the Italian flag (red tomatoes, green-basil, white-cheese).
- The word "bank" is originally derived from the Italian word "banco," which means a literal table was the platform of a bankers business. To go bankrupt or "bankrutto" means to break your table - the banker who went bankrupt had to publicly break his table to declare bankruptcy.

P.S. Mom if you're reading, please buy me a helmet so I can go with Meghan on her Vespa. :)

Ciao Bellas !