Polonitza writes about developing an app for Logger athletics

Polonitza writes about developing an app for Logger athletics

Standing at 6-5 and weighing in at 274 pounds, Puget Sound senior Jared Polonitza was a force on the football team's offensive line. But the computer science major is more brains than brawn, and he's developing an app to benefit the Puget Sound football program and Logger athletics. 

In my personal experience as member of the Puget Sound football team, the technological progress we have made has been a double edged sword. Head Coach Jeff Thomas uses multiple offerings from Google (namely Google sheets and calendar to organize the structure of a season and to help schedule meetings), Slack, and Volt all to manage the team. However, there comes a tipping point to having too many different tools to tackle a singular goal. It can make accomplishing goals more confusing than it needs to be. This is where the idea for my application began. 

Coach Thomas initially approached me with an idea of his own. He wanted an application that would give student-athletes a better means of tracking their classes. After some brainstorming, I concluded that the best way to go about this would involve creating some form of interactive calendar based application; and if we are already building such a platform - why stop there? What if every student-athlete on the team had a calendar available to be seen by all the other student-athletes on the team? Each individual could set their calendar as they see fit, then they could use a single application to track when and where they needed to be in a given day.

Student-athletes would be allowed to view each other's calendars and schedule times to meet with coaches, teammates, or anyone else who is part of this service. The overall goal is to smooth out any inconsistencies or miscommunications. Also at time of writing, the process of getting rehabilitation from one of our beloved athletic trainers is still entirely paper and human driven. Currently, our head athletic trainer (Craig Bennett) and his staff devote countless hours to the process of designing and distributing rehabilitation programs to athletes within every sport. My goal is to help move this into a singular application as well, giving each user access to everything that is necessary for them to succeed/

At present, my goal is for it to become the singular application used by the Puget Sound football team, then with time become the main application used by all of the university's athletics teams. The application is currently in early stages of development, but at the moment there exists a calendar which serves as the backbone for students to log their class schedule. Once the application reaches a more complete stage, Coach Thomas and I plan to roll out the application with a select few student-athletes who will be using an early version of the system. The beta testing will help me find errors and debug some components.

In the not-so-distant future, I hope this application can be expanded to be a utility to anyone who is mindful of their health and fitness. I want to create a single place which can exist as a hub to completely organize one's weekly schedule. It's an application that can also serve to share, encourage, and compete in various workouts with friends - whether it be in the same gym, or across the globe.