Basile and Loggers catch waves and rides

Basile and Loggers catch waves and rides

The Puget Sound men's basketball team is in Costa Rica, where the Loggers are competing against local teams, hosting youth basketball clinics, and touring the country. Incoming junior Max Basile writes about the latter portion of the adventure. 

We were recently able to explore the beach town of Jaco. The busy town is only about 100 yards from a two-mile long bay surrounded by tropical forests.   

A few of the guys and I were able to rent surfboards and take them out in to the waves.  The water is by far the warmest I have ever felt in the ocean - given we're so close to the equator.  A couple of the other guys rented ATVs and drove them around the beach town. The town of Jaco is bustling, with lots of shops and people going all around interacting. We explored lots of the stores selling everything from coffee to traditional Costa Rican tribal masks. 

After spending most of the day in Jaco, and a quick nap on the bus ride back to our hotel, we went right back out to the pools and smaller beach outside the hotel.  Here we really got together as a team, playing beach volleyball, or soccer, and watching an amazing sunset go down over the Pacific Ocean.  The night ended with bingo and card games in a beach cabana. Today is our last day around the coast to relax before heading back to the city of San Jose where we began.

This trip has been amazing for me in how I am experiencing the different ways of life in Costa Rica. There is a much more relaxed vibe here that I think can be learned from, especially in the way I find my life being busy or stressful at times. Interacting with all the local people who have so many different perspectives has been something I'll never forget. And my Spanish has definitely benefited, as well.