Miguel discusses academic ambition as part of D3Week

Miguel discusses academic ambition as part of D3Week

Puget Sound celebrates Division III Week (April 3-9) by sharing the stories of five student-athletes from various teams, classes, and backgrounds. Such stories are made possible by the Logger Club, which celebrates its 50th anniversary during the 2016-17 academic year. The Logger Club Members provide essential financial assistance to ensure a quality experience for Logger teams through unrestricted and restricted giving. Gifts provide necessary funds for equipment, nonconference travel, video streaming, recruitment, and the Loggers' important awards and recognition program. Click HERE to get involved.


April 3 // Anne Shirey

April 4 // Stellan Roberts

April 5 // Alvin Johnson

April 6 // Hailey Shoemaker


D3Week continues with volleyball sophomore Kristen Miguel, who has played in 100 sets through her first two years with Puget Sound.